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This service is exclusive to residents of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California.

Our personal coaching packages include customized workout programming, interactive nutrition guidance and monthly assessments to help you reach your goals and become Mission Fit for life. Clients will have the choice of their desired program length from 3, 6 and 12-month options. Ask about our Fellowship Package for Couples and start your wellness journey with a 50% discount off your partner's membership! 



Providing 2 personal coaching sessions per week, this plan is perfect for clients looking to make gradual steps towards a healthier lifestyle while keeping a busy schedule.



Providing 3 personal coaching sessions per week, this plan is perfect for the client looking to get back into a normal routine and needing a little guidance and motivation along the way.



Providing 4 personal coaching sessions per week, this plan is great for the client whose looking an extra push of motivation to achieve a big goal that will allow them to transform their health to become Mission Fit!



Providing 5 personal coaching sessions per week, this plan is perfect for the client who prefers to work with a trainer every weekday to achieve a long-term goal, manage a health condition or keep a consistent, healthy routine in their schedule. 



Train from anywhere in the world!

Time to ramp up your training to the next level with our online coaching program, available to clients worldwide! Each client will be provided with a customized training program, free access to the Trainerize fitness mobile app, daily nutrition check-ins via MyFitnessPal, and routine wellness consultations. Whether you're a military service member looking to prep for an upcoming fitness assessment or you are a frequent traveler looking for a practical routine to do while on the road we will ensure you have the perfect routine to set you up for success so you can become Mission Fit for life!



This package includes Customized Programming through Trainerize, Daily Nutrition Coaching, and Monthly Skype Consultations.



In addition to 'The Conquerer', this package includes Monthly Virtual Coaching Session, Bi-Weekly Skype Consultations, and a free Mission Fit e-Book



In addition to 'The Warrior', this package includes a Weekly Virtual Coaching Session, Weekly Skype Consultations, and a free Mission Fit e-Book with exclusive recipes


Groups & More

Team work makes the dream work!

Donations Accepted

Group Motivational Walks

Our motivational walks are perfect for individuals new to fitness and looking to build a strong support system during their healthy transition. Locations may vary and typically last 60 minutes, giving us the opportunity to learn about each other and become inspired through teamwork. 

Call for Pricing and Availability 

Small Groups of 3-6 People

Small group training is perfect for friends, family and co-workers looking to stay motivated while getting in shape in an encouraging environment. This service is provided to clients at their private residence or at a private facility. 

Call for Pricing and Availability 

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness program is designed with the employees' health in mind, creating customized group workouts, interactive nutrition coaching with daily challenges, and learning how to create healthier habits to last a lifetime.