How do you choose to deal with stress? Tell me if you’ve ever been in this situation before: Life starts to feel like it's moving way too fast and you find yourself getting more and more irritated because you aren’t where you want to be in life. Or you’re so focused on what could go wrong instead of putting your energy into what could go right. Does that sound familiar? The power of the mind is one that can destroy our happiness just as much as it can make us feel like everything is right in the world. Understanding how to manage these thoughts are key to truly finding happiness and balance in our lives. Here are six ways you can stop stressing and get those blessings you deserve!

1. Meditation - It is the key to finding true balance in your life. Why try to fight against positive energy and feed into the negative? Negativity is a cannibalizing act that can eat away at your joy and crush your spirit if you let it. Learn how to take that negative energy and transform it into something positive (or productive). This isn’t some Master Yogi babble either, actually taking the time to meditate can make a huge difference. Every morning I will put on my headphones to listen to a binaural track that helps me meditate, from here I just take the time to close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Inhaling a fresh air of positivity and exhaling the negativity that has tried to cement my feet to the floor. Find your balance and I promise you will find peace and receive your blessings!

2. Let GO!!! - If you don’t choose to let go of being in complete control of everything, you will never see what the world has in store for you because you will always be focused on the outcome going exactly as you expect. Once you realize that, ultimately, we can only control our moods and cannot manipulate the unexpected situations that come into our lives, such as a fender bender or getting dumped by your partner, we become stronger individuals prepared to brave the storm. And trust me, if a storm shall come, it never stays for too long—"this too shall pass” as my elders would say to me. You’ll be surprised that as soon as you let go, blessings start coming your way.

3. Face The Unknown - Something that I have struggled with in the past was being able to feel comfortable in public. Large groups of people, for any event, would give me huge amounts of anxiety, feeling like I would be judged for how I looked or acted. These irrational fears led me to become very isolated, seldom ever leaving the house. Letting that type of fear get a hold of you can be debilitating if you don’t fight back. Learn to rely on your courage more than the cowardice in your character. NO ONE is better than anyone else and when you step outside to face the world every day, you must remind yourself that you are a valued person and equally as good as anyone else. Do not let a day go by without reminding yourself of your value and your meaning to the world.

4. Keep Calm, Shit Happens - When that distracted driver slants into your lane on the freeway in rush hour traffic and causes you to spill your coffee on your brand new work shirt, what are you going to do? Extra points for those who thought about road rage—ONLY KIDDING! Be careful about who or what you give your energy too. That driver, likely drunk at 8am in the morning, has already sped away and the moment is over. Like I said, we can’t control every situation but we damn sure can control our responses. You are left with the choice to feed into that negativity “Dammit I just got this shirt, what an asshole!” or learn how to roll with the punches and laugh at the predicaments that get thrown your way. A shitty way to start your morning, sure, but it’d be an even shittier day had that driver side swiped you instead. Laugh off the trivial things that get thrown your way knowing that you're built to handle so much more!

5. Find Real People that Will Listen To You - No one necessarily wants to listen to someone rant all day (unless you like watching Fox News), but sometimes we need someone to take the time out to just listen to us and empathize. Find people that you not only trust, but have a good attention span too. Maturity plays a big role in this but so does emotional intelligence. Sometimes you’ll find that talking with genuine people about your problems seems so much easier than talking to someone who is only waiting for their turn to speak. Support goes a long way and most of the time when we vent, it's really to relieve that stress that we’ve been holding back for so long. It's so important that you find those people that are understanding and care about your well-being because the last thing you want to do is bottle up emotions, those are the makings of a sociopath! Having said that, don’t abuse those people’s efforts either, a listening board is one thing but don’t assume someone wants to be a pin cushion for all of your frustration. 

6. Get Your Butt Up and Go Work Out - You would be crazy to think I would write this entire article without mentioning one of my favorite things to do—almost as much as I like breathing! It was only a few years ago that I was over 100 pounds heavier and my life was in the dumps. I was swimming in the depths of depression without oxygen, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. That was until I restored my passion into self-improvement. I’m no cross-fitter by any means and I don’t always smile after doing cardio but I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t gain a new lease on life through being active. To keep your body active is to keep your mind occupied, idle thoughts can be very dangerous. The mental clarity that I gain every time that I workout and condition my body is something that can’t be matched. The rush of serotonin (the happy hormone) that floods my body releases me of my stress, extinguishing the negativity that I’ve felt so I can receive my blessings!

Now that you have the playbook, stop letting that negativity feed your soul and fight back. Get up, get active, and make your mindset a positive one. Life won’t always be sweet, we will all eventually face some type of adversity in our lives and be tested. It's up to us to choose how we react and sure it's easier said than done, but if you truly want those blessings in your life, you have to let go, find your balance, face that fear, call yourself out, talk to someone when needed, and stay Mission FIT!


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