7 Great Ways to Stay Mission Fit

As Mission Fit athletes, we are seen as leaders & role models and should uphold a certain standard for ourselves, enhancing our lives in the process. I've come up with 7 ways that we can take the control back into our hands and stay Mission Fit for a lifetime!

1. Work out first thing in the morning. Let's face it, once our day starts it can be chaotic so having that first hour to yourself to condition our mind and body through exercise, stretching and meditation can make a huge difference on how you feel and perform throughout the day. This will be your first achievement for the day so when things get rough refer back to your morning workout and use that as motivation to help you finish through strong. Find a workout buddy OR hire a qualified personal coach (hint hint) if you need help!

2. Become more mindful of how your body functions and moves about as you age. Little by little our body is slowly deteriorating due to the natural cycle of life and its ultimately our job to slow that process down by keeping our bodies in check, performing the necessary maintenance to prevent disease and getting routine checkups at the clinic, as these actions allow us the independence so many of us take advantage of until it is too late!

3. Getting quality sleep each night is imperative to becoming more mindful of how our bodies are operating. Eliminate any distractions that may be disturbing you from sleeping better. Turning off electronic devices 30-60 mins prior to bedtime will help your mind relax, not to mention researchers have found that the blue light emitted from many electronic devices have been shown to cause sleep disturbances which can kill our energy level, affect our mood and alter our balance. ( dark-side)

4. Keep and build your social network, ensuring that you have close friends and family members to confide in if you are ever feeling 'off' or just not yourself. The absence of having a strong support group can lead to feelings of repression, which can blow over at any moment, which we want to prevent. Talking through life's problems with other people whom you can trust is critical for our mental health as we are a tribal species. If you don't feel as comfortable talking to someone in person, find a support group online from a trusted source that will help empower you to work through the stress that we all can struggle with.

5. Learning how to speak up when you need something is so important but few of us do so because we want to protect our pride, but as men we must learn that we do not have to suffer in silence. It is important that you let someone know when you are not feeling okay as it can be the difference between having an impulsive reaction to something that triggers you and having a positive response to a negative situation, and we're always wanting the latter for ourselves. So when someone asks you, "Hey are you okay?" Speak up and say 'NO' if that's the truth. Its better to inconvenience someone with a vulnerable moment than to wait for something bad to happen---speak up!

6. We must learn to exhibit more patience in the season of 'rush,

rush, rush'. Amidst this busy generation we live within, we must learn that applying patience even though our impulse wants an instant reaction builds our character. For a lot of us, it takes courage to swallow our pride and let go of stressful situations that we cannot control nor hurry through. Ultimately it’s our patience that will keep us level headed. Find a positive outlet to transfer your stress to, rather it be slamming the weights, target practice at the shooting range, bowling with friends, off-roading, playing an instrument, singing, rapping, flying RC aircraft, drawing, or anything else that might interest you, find a . This will help preserve your sanity and give you much needed balance and solace.

7. Learn to love yourself unconditionally without the boost from a beautiful woman or a fast sports car. Our self-love and compassion must come from within before we can share that feeling with others, it never works out the other way around. Self-validation is more important than constantly seeking the approval of others. Don't put off loving yourself in order to please someone else or feel that you NEED to be with someone in order to be happy. Become content and gracious of what life has afforded you already, and you will start to see life in a new, refreshing way. Love yourself enough to prioritize your health and preserve your legacy because we are leaders and must set the example for the next generation. Now let's get MISSION FIT!!!

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