Don't Give Up: My 100-Pound Weight Loss!

In 2015 I was 100 pounds heavier than I currently am, and was in a bad state of depression. Although I had served proudly in the United States Air Force for six years with an honorable discharge, deciding to go to college instead of re-enlist, I was still struggling to mentally adjust to the civilian world again. Without the pressure of having to take fitness assessment anymore, I allowed poor eating and sleeping habits that I adopted during the latter part of my enlistment continue to hinder my health into my transition into civilian life.

After seeing the scale getting closer to 300 pounds, I took a long, hard look in the mirror and I acknowledged how I had been treating my body so poorly. I was determined to change but I also knew that change takes time so my goal was never to rush anything but instead, take my time in this marathon towards a healthier body and mind. I had spent the previous years treating my body poorly with junk food, a low quality of sleep, excessive work hours and a bad smoking habit. Time would be the test that would determine my consistency and I thought deeply about the proper way to start such a journey. Scavenging the internet for simple answers, I became unsatisfied and sought more educated answers so I started reading research articles and listening to others' testimonials about their own weight loss journey. I found that there was no 1-way to go about things, but what echoed loudly throughout each piece of material I read, it emphasized the importance of consistency.

During my first month of my official journey I spent the time to take progress pictures and get my starting measurements. The picture to the left is me at around 270 pounds. When I show friends and family this picture they always tell me that I didn't look too bad at that weight, mind you I'm six-foot in height and knew how to hide my weight by wearing a size larger in clothing. My waist was around 43 inches and my pants size was "elastic" as I stopped fitting my size 42" pants months ago since they were getting too tight to walk around in. For someone whose used to weighing in the 170s, weighing so much, eating poorly and not exercising regularly impacted my energy levels as well as my general health. I started walking on the treadmill twice a day for 60-minutes each time, cutting back on eating candy and eliminating fast food from my diet.

As I noticed a small weight loss of 10 pounds within my first six weeks of training I started to enhance my diet by cooking with more dark, leafy greens, mainly spinach and kale. I would add them to each of my main meals ensuring that fresh vegetables covered half of my plates. Eliminating sugary drinks from my diet was something allowed me to improve my eating habits as well, opting for water instead of soda or fruit juices that were high in sugar. I would continue my workout pattern routinely 5-6 days a week, always taking Sunday off to rest and recovery. Within the first 2-3 months I was able to lose over 20 pounds which made me very hopeful for my continued success towards a healthier lifestyle.

I would eventually start incorporating resistance bands and bodyweight movements into my routine, following along to popular exercise instruction videos for additional motivation. My goal was to ensure my workouts were intense and that I followed them up with a clean meal of quality carbohydrates, lean proteins and some healthy fats. Over the course of the next 12 months I was able to drop down to my natural weight of 170 pounds. Since then I've been able to maintain my weight loss, gaining a few pounds of lean muscle since then of course. By no means was this journey easy, there were several times where self-doubt came into the picture but the belief that I had in myself always overpowered these negative thoughts.

The main thing that kept me fighting throughout this journey was my trust in the process and having a little faith that things would work out in my favor if I put in the effort. I became so inspired by my personal journey that I made a decision to start Mission Fit LLC to cater to individuals who were going through their own weight loss journey and needed an experienced and committed personal trainer to guide them properly. I am still going strong in this endeavor as the race is never over, and I'll be here to help you in any way I can. No matter what--don't give up, keep believing in yourself, don't be afraid to go after your dreams and STAY MISSION FIT!



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