So you think you’re ready for change huh?! Talk is cheap and action is the most valuable currency on the market. If you aren’t strong-willed about your want to change, you will never be able to execute the tasks you set forth for yourself. Losing weight isn’t as hard as it looks in the practical sense, burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis, stay active, and eat right.

What makes this endeavor difficult for most of us is our inability to change. It’s too easy to get caught up in the comfort that comes with the constant fixtures in our life but believe me, that comfort is a like a black hole for all things involving your progression. Progress does not breed from comfort--I’ll say that again so I know you’re really reading it--PROGRESS DOES NOT BREED FROM COMFORT!

Okay so now that I have your attention, what are you going to do about it? How bad do you want to change your circumstances? How adamant are you about stepping out of your comfort zone and achieving everything that you set out for? No one said that it would be easy but nothing worth the effort will ever be easy to come by. When I think about how I put on the extra 100 pounds throughout the years, I didn’t think about how much damage I was doing to my body but I was so certain that I would be able to shave off the weight in no time. WRONG! Take heed to my words and take these steps so you can truly see change and dominate!

1. Patience is Key - If you are not willing to learn the power of patience, your journey will be a very difficult one, riddled with constant setbacks and compounding stress from a lack of results. It took me more than a few months to gain all of that unhealthy weight and it would be asinine to think that I would be able to drop the weight overnight with one of those quick-fix weight loss solutions. Trust me I’ve tried them all, they’re all bullshit! The truth is that there is no quick fix when it comes to long-lasting change, it's something that takes time and you have to be willing to enjoy the process more than just the end result. Appreciate the slow progress that’s made everyday, wake up with the right attitude and I promise that you will dominate!

2. Stop Trying to Be Perfect - Sorry but no one is perfect and holding yourself to an unrealistic standard will only set you up for constant heartache because you will eventually make mistakes, we all do. For too long I tried to be ‘Mr. Perfect’ with every aspect of my life, wanting to see everything play out exactly how I visualized it. Too bad that reality was constantly crushed by the unexpected shit that would come up in my life on a daily basis. Be able to let go of that control of everything, realize that nothing will ever be perfect, it’s okay to make mistakes and be human. Stop waiting for the perfect time of the year to start working on yourself and taking care of your health. NOW will always be the right time to positively change your life!

3. Choose Your Circle Wisely - If you have negative people in your life who provide more stress than happiness, cut them loose. One of the worst things that you can do for yourself, when self-improving, is surrounding yourself with the wrong people. Negativity can come in all forms from simple doubt to extreme pessimism with every thought you have. Encouragement goes a long way, so if you have people in your life that only doubt your dreams or only provide a negative perspective, be quick to distance yourself from them. Influence is powerful and associating yourself with that behavior will cause you to adopt that mindset. Choose to surround yourself with positive and optimistic people who root for your success and are willing to be a guiding hand in times of need. No time for negativity!

Now that you have the tools, it’s up to you to build the foundation for change and take action. Nothing will ever get accomplished the way you want it, if you never step out of your comfort zone, accept the mistakes that will happen throughout the journey, and eliminate negative people from your life. The time is now to confront your fears and become the best version of yourself. Learn these simple rules and you will be able to dominate in every aspect of your life. Have belief in yourself that you can do this, you have the power to change your circumstances, the time is now to crush your goals and DOMINATE!

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