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What We Do

Providing mobile personal training services to local clients of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA and serving clients globally through our Virtual Fit Academy. 

Our service is designed to empower you through encouragement, accountability, and compassion with one-of-one training programs that’ll enrich your mind, body and spirit. As a member of the Mission Fit family you will have access to our interactive membership area where you can view exclusive video content, get discounts at our online store, and win freebies and awards each month for reaching milestones. We strive on providing stellar service to everyone we work with regardless of race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity or sexual preference—come one, come all as we become Mission Fit together!

Core Exercise

Mobile Personal Training

Providing one-on-one, couples and group training right to your doorstep!

We offer various session types based on your goals which may include: resistance training, calisthenics, TRX suspension training, outdoor conditioning, beginner's boxing or corrective exercise. This service is exclusive to residents living in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA.

Virtual Fit Academy

Providing online personal training to clients globally!

We will provide you with a customized workout program powered through the popular and innovative Trainerize app, interactive nutrition guidance, virtual training sessions, live boot camps through Zoom, and routine wellness check-ins that will ensure your road to success is paved in gold!

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Becoming Mission Fit

Coach Keith J. Williams

I have struggled with my weight most of my life up until now. I remember being the heaviest kid in my fifth grade class and being mortified after having my weight read aloud from the scale in front of everyone during gym period. Bouncing up and down the scale became normal to me, never fully grasping the consistency needed to stay healthy. I would later enlist in the United Stated Air Force where I proudly served for six years. Towards the latter part of my enlistment I started to pack on the pounds and add extra inches to my waist causing me to do poorly on my fitness assessments. 

After leaving the military to pursue my education my unhealthy habits amplified as I did not have anyone to hold me accountable if I did not eat wholesome meals or workout daily. My complacency allowed me to blimp up to almost 300 pounds with high blood pressure, heightened social anxiety and depression. I was becoming very self-destructive and can foresee where this would lead—so I hit the brakes and made a shift in the right direction. Each day I would look in the mirror and become more aware of my body and my mind and the connection that they shared. I deserved to live a better life and I had a fire in my belly that made me determined to make serious change happen.

For the next two years I dedicated myself to committing to change. Not just my habits but my lifestyle transitioned into such a healthier place. Becoming more mindful of my overall wellness and holding myself accountable to taking action I was able to lose over 100 pounds! No secret formula, waist burner or weight loss surgery, just pure hard work that made me mentally tougher and more resilient that I ever thought was possible. I am now on a mission to help others like you to become empowered through positive change. Let’s get Mission Fit!


Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

Traveling for work the last few years has taken a major toll on my body. I neglected to maintain a steady fitness plan and developed many bad eating habits. I reached out to Coach Keith for help in desperate need of getting my health back on track. His coaching through the online fitness program allowed me to see results in a matter of weeks and my overall mental health improved. Mission Fit has done a great job working with my busy schedule and putting together an effective program that changes with my progress.


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